Welcome to the elearning course on Social Protection as a tool for rural poverty reduction!
About this course

The FAO's Regional Initiative for the Small Scale Family Farming (SSFF) is pleased to have you on board for the series of 5 webinars as part of the Social Protection elearning course.
This elearning is the natural continuation of the Technical Meeting on “Social Protection as a Tool for Poverty Reduction” that was held in Beirut on the 29-30 March 2017.
The e-learning series aims to continue the capacity building of governments in the region to effectively adopt social protection policies. It will address the definition and methods for implementing social protection policies and strategies in the agriculture sector and rural areas. It will also highlight case studies from different regions to identify key learnings from other social protection programmes. This space is yours!

This course is divided in 5 modules:

  • Introduction
  • Module 1: Defining Social Protection in a rural poverty context
  • Module 2: Challenges and best practices of Social Protection in the NENA Region
  • Module 3: Coordinated design and implementation of Social Protection policies and programmes
  • Module 4: How to financially sustain Social Protection programmes, specially in rural areas
  • Module 5: Possibility of Social Protection and Resilience Building

Here you can find information about the participants, material for consultation, space for questions and much more!

Expected outcomes 

After the five e-learning sessions, member countries and partners will have a better understanding of:

  • FAO’s approach to social protection in rural and agricultural communities in the Near East and North Africa region, and the way this connects with its work on poverty reduction, resilience and migration;
  • The different conceptual entry points and necessary interventions to encourage coherence between rural and agricultural development and social protection;
  • Examples of  existing strategic approaches for social protection developed as a tool in rural poverty reduction and rural development in member countries (NENA region and others).

Eligibility: experts and policymakers in the area of poverty reduction

Duration: -

Commitment: -

Language: English

Certification: -

Topic: Social Protection Floors

* instructor-led 

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